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Firehouse Mustache Wax Dark

Firehouse Mustache Wax Dark

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Firehouse Mustache Wax 30ml

Firehouse Mustache wax gives you super hold to the mustache! Tame, train and style the mustache to perfection. The wax has no added color or smell, only natural color and smell from the ingredients.

Dark is best suited for dark, brown and reddish mustaches.

Wacky Tacky gives the strongest hold and is best suited for black and brown mustaches.


How to use Firehouse Mustache Wax:

Cut out the desired amount, rub between thumb and forefinger to warm up the wax and make it easier to apply. Warm up the event in your pocket or with a hair dryer. Do not have conditioner or oil in the mustache before application. The wax hardens quickly so style the mustache while applying it.

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